An all-in-one solution for high-end subtitles



funded by the European Union

Compass receives funding by the European Union within the framework of the call “Crowdsourcing subtitling to increase the circulation of European works“.

The Commission launched this call for proposals to find innovative solutions for film translation. The aim is to increase the availability and circulation of European films by reducing the costs of subtitling and making better use of public funding for film translation.


managed by ZDF Digital & JGU

A team of subtitlers, developers, project managers, scientists and UX-designers are work together in an interdisciplinary way to achieve best possible results.

ZDF Digital manages the preparation, conception, development and implementation of CompAsS.


Johannes Gutenberg University manages the scientific aspect of the project by conducting studies on the usability of subtitling tools, cognitive load and split attention of the subtitler while working as well as on quality levels of conventionally and automatically assisted subtitles.